Tuesday's Assignment

Hey all. I'm sorry that I'm still out, but I'm not feeling right yet. So that you're not waiting on me to move forward with your unit 3 assignments, I went ahead and assigned you your five topics for the Whole Class Time line- assignment 4 unit 3.

1. Open the chart to see which five topics you've been assigned
2. Review the expectations for the assignment on the Growing Nation Whole Class Time line Instructions.
Be sure to follow this instructions carefully!
3. Your goal for today is to type up your findings for all five topics you've been assigned. Remember that what you type for each topic has to fit on an index card. I will give you the index cards when I return.
4. Everyone needs to have their information for all 5 topics ready to go tomorrow.
5. Thank you for your cooperation. I hope you have a good day.


Miaka Edwards said...

I found out what my five topics were and I tried to look up the what you wanted but it was complicated so I need your help when you come back.

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