Ready, Get Set, Study! EOCT Yipee

It is extremely important that you do well on the U.S. History EOCT. The test is difficult, but if you prepare properly, which means you have to study, you should do fine if not fantastic! Your EOCT score reflects on you, Mrs. Siegmund, our school, and the district. We're counting on you!

In order to score high on the test there are a number of things you should do.

1. Continue coming to class and using your time in class efficiently up until the time of the test.
2. Begin reviewing material (vocab, notes, quizzes, etc) studied earlier in the course (units 1-4).
3. Use this EOCT study guide to review old and newer material (it may take a minute to load)
4. Use USA Test Prep to study your weakest areas of U.S. History. Get log in and password from Mrs. Siegmund. Once logged in select the Social Studies QCC/GPS tab. That will take you to the GHSGT material. From that page click on the U.S. History EOCT GPS link.
5. Participate in all review sessions and activities during class.
6. Study outside of class time.
7. Do not rush when you take the actual test. No one can leave early, so take your time.

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