Today's Expectations- Tuesday August 25th

Good afternoon my wonderful students,
I'm sorry that I have to be out again so soon after my last absence, but the baby has a fever, again... Be sure to use your time wisely today and complete the assignments I've listed below from unit 2. I look forward to another good report from the substitute, and I thank you ahead of time.

Assignments to work on today- Tuesday August 25th
1. Complete Unit 2 assignment 1 blog post

2. Complete unit 2 vocabulary slides (assignment 2)

3. Begin Assignment 3- Virtual Field Trip Games- Be sure to take notes as you work on the first board game, Colonial Edition, today. For each square you land on provide the title of the game, ex:The Battles in the Mail, and a one to two sentence summary of what you learned from that square. It is very important that you take good notes because that is how you are getting points for assignment 3.

3. I will be checking tomorrow to see that you met these expectations.

4. Don't forget to bring a book for SSR tomorrow.

5. Have a great day!

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